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Alcohol and Drug Detox Differences

 Alcohol Detox

There are differences between alcohol and drug detox. 

While alcohol and other drugs have many things in common, there are also many differences. Whether you are dealing with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, there are also alcohol and drug detox differences. These differences include what you can expect to experience during detoxification, and how it should be treated.

There Are Some Alcohol and Drug Detox Differences in Withdrawal

Many withdrawal symptoms are the same, whether an addict has stopped using alcohol or other drugs. Bodily discomforts and mental irregularities usually begin to subside in less than a week. In some instances, they can last considerably longer. The severity and duration varies from person to person.

Alcohol detox can also include a withdrawal symptom not experienced in drug detox. Men and women whose alcoholism is quite severe can experience delirium tremens. While some people believe DTs only involve uncontrollable shaking, it can be much worse. It can also include extreme paranoia, hallucinations, and can affect the heart.

There is a Difference in Treatment Methods

One factor in detoxification is the use of medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms. For individuals who are addicted to alcohol, there is no one rule that equally applies to everyone. Whether or not to use medication must be decided on a case by case basis. In many instances, medication can be given during detox to relieve the person’s physical and mental discomforts.

Drug detox is entirely different. One of the most relevant factors is the drug to which the person is addicted. Addiction to opiates can make medication the best course of action. When medication is used, it must be closely monitored by a physician.

Medicated detox for other types of drugs is usually unnecessary, and unwise. There is also the possibility that the person may become dependent on the medication.

What if You Are Addicted to Both Alcohol and Other Drugs?

It is not uncommon for people to drink and take drugs at the same time. This can result in becoming addicted to both drugs and alcohol. If this describes you, please do not attempt to quit on your own, or go through the detoxification process without help. The best step you can take is to contact an alcohol and drug detox center. They will have a program that will meet your special needs.

There is Help Available for You

Whether you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both, reaching the point of wanting to quit is a big step. Asking for the help you need to get through detoxification is also a big step, but much easier. Reaching out for help shows you are willing and ready to beat your addiction. It shows you want the rest of your life to be worthwhile. After detox, you will be ready to start your recovery process. If you put only a few minutes into thinking about it, you can decide now is the time to ask for help. If you do not hesitate, you can have the rest of your life to enjoy your sobriety.