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Drug Detox

Drug Detox Program

Drug detox should be unique to you and your addiction.

Drug detox is a very complex issue that must not be dealt with alone. Not only can drug detox be dangerous, the effects of drug detox can become so severe that without proper (and immediate) medical attention, individuals suffering from severe drug withdrawal symptoms can actually die as a result of the detoxification process. This is why it is so important for drug detox to be done in a professional facility where medical staff and trained workers can appropriately and effectively deal with any physical complications that may arise during the drug detoxification process. Here you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best type of drug detox programs for your individual condition, what to expect at an inpatient drug detox facility or an outpatient drug detox facility and you will also find out what the symptoms of drug detox are so that you are prepared for everything that drug detox brings forth.

Drug Detox Programs

Just as not two people are the same, no two addictions are the same and that means that although one drug detox program may work well for a particular individual the same program may not be as effective for the next person in line. Because of the complexity of drug addiction and the range of substances that an addict can become addicted to as well as the difference in people, many different drug detox programs have been developed and adapted to meet the very unique needs of each patient. Whether you seek holistic drug detox programs or natural drug detox programs, if your interested in a rapid detox program or a medication based program you can find the information you need here. Read on for more information about drug detox programs.

Drug Detox Symptoms

Depending on the length of time that you have been addicted to drugs and also on the type of drug that you are addicted to, the drug detox symptoms that you feel may be mild, moderate or even severe. Some of the most common drug detox symptoms include shakes, fever, increased heart rate, fatigue and vomiting but these differ greatly based on the addiction and the addict. Read on for more information about drug detox symptoms and what to expect during drug detox.

Inpatient Drug Detox

Inpatient drug detox centers provide the most effective and intense type of drug detox available. At an inpatient drug detox program that addict will remain in a facility for the duration of the drug detox process which usually lasts anywhere from 3 days to a week or more depending on the severity of the addiction. Inpatient drug detox centers provide around the clock supervision and medical care for addicts making this the safest and most effective type of drug detox program available. Read more about inpatient drug detox centers here.

Outpatient Drug Detox

Outpatient drug detox differs from inpatient drug detox in one primary way—outpatient drug detox centers do not provide any type of housing during the detox process and therefor are not able to provide around the clock medical supervision. For addicts who do not suffer from complex addictions to drugs or whose addiction is not highly physical, outpatient drug detox centers can provide a safe and effective option for treatment but for those whose addictions are highly physical in scope such detox is not recommended. Read here for more information about outpatient drug detox centers.