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About Drug Detox

Drug Detox Treatment

There is different drug detox methods for you to try. 

When you are thinking about drug detox, you have a number of options. Some are better than others, some depend on your specific situation, and others should not be considered at all. Drug detoxification can be your first step in breaking your addiction, if you choose the right method.

Differences in Drug Detox Methods

Professional assistance for drug detoxification comes in two forms: with and without medication. While you do have input on this decision, it is in your best interest to follow the doctor’s advice. Medication may be used to make withdrawal easier for you. The type of drug or drugs you are addicted to, how severe you addiction is, and the basic condition of your health should all be taken into consideration. However, in many cases medication for drug detox is either unnecessary or unwise. You should not insist upon it if your doctor recommends against it.

Where Should You Go for Drug Detoxification?

There is no single answer that is right for everyone. One option is to detox in a medically-supervised detoxification center. If you choose this option, you will see the staff knows what to expect and how to help you.

Another option is a residential treatment center. In addition to initial detoxification, a residential center can also provide ongoing treatment for a specific period of time. Depending on the particular center, this can include counseling, 12 step meetings, and other services that are valuable in early recovery.

A Point About Drug Detox You Need to Know

If you need to detox from drugs, there are two methods you should not consider. Trying to go through this process alone, or depending on a friend to get you through it, are methods you must avoid. If your addiction is severe enough to require detoxification, either of these methods can result in disaster.

First, drug withdrawal can be extremely difficult. It can range from minor problems to life-threatening complications. Attempting to do it on your own may put your life in danger. Even if you have a well-meaning, caring friend, he is not qualified to deal with these problems.

Second, assuming your addiction is not serious enough to require professional help can result in a relapse. You may be very motivated, yet unable to withstand the effects of withdrawal. Your body and mind may want relief, urging you to pick up a drug or a drink.

Who Really Needs Drug Detoxification?

If you want your body to be free from drugs, and to have the state of mind to stay clean, there is much about drug detox that can help you. The better condition your body is in when you begin recovery, the better your chances will be for longterm sobriety.

Cold-turkey, without assistance, is not the way to do it. Between temptations and withdrawal, there is too much to risk. Instead, consider your options for help, and call a drug detox center. It is the best way to begin the process of getting clean.