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Outpatient Alcohol Detox

Outpatient alcohol detox is not a decision to make lightly. When you learn about the pros and cons, you will be in a better position to decide if it is a good option for you. As it is a very serious step, you may wish to consult with one of the many outpatient alcohol detox centers to help you make this decision.

What You Can Expect if You Choose Outpatient Alcohol Detox

Outpatient alcohol detox centers help alcoholics get through the initial detoxification process on an outpatient basis. In many cases, this requires the use of medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Prescribing and monitoring the effectiveness of the medication is done by a physician.

Outpatient alcohol detox requires your full cooperation. First, you must follow your physician’s directions for when and how to take your medication. Second, you must not skip any appointments with your physician, even if he asks to see you every day. Third, your doctor will inform you about any possible complications you may experience. This can include worsening of your symptoms, side effects of the medication, and others. You will need to contact your physician immediately if any of these problems occur. In addition, your physician may advise you to refrain from specific activities while you are using the medication. For example, if he advises you to not operate a motor vehicle, you must be willing to cooperate. The medications used for outpatient alcohol detox affect everyone differently. You cannot afford to put your safety, or that of others, at risk.

A purpose of outpatient alcohol detox is to help the alcoholic through the earliest stage of his recovery with fewer disruptions to his everyday life. Inpatient detox may not be an option if you cannot take time away from your job, or if your family needs you to be with them. However, you should not expect to feel in peak condition, nor to be able to function at your best. When you are going through detoxification, it is a strain on both your mind and body. Relax as much as possible, try to avoid stress, and allow yourself time to heal.

Outpatient Alcohol Detox Centers Are Not for Everybody

Many people should not take the medications used for alcohol detox. Pregnant women, and individuals with certain health conditions, are in this category. Be sure your physician knows your medical history before you decide outpatient detox is for you.

If you are struggling with drug addiction in addition to alcohol addiction, medicated outpatient detox may not be the right choice. Inform your doctor if you have any drug dependencies, or if you have been addicted to any drugs in the past.

Insisting on outpatient detox because you fear inpatient treatment is also not in your best interest. If your doctor advises inpatient treatment, it is better to follow his recommendations. He has your health and safety in mind. While the final decision is up to you, it is always wise to listen to a qualified physician.