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Inpatient Alcohol Detox

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Detox

Inpatient alcohol detox is around the clock care. 

Alcohol detox is the vital first step towards any long term recovery plan. Alcohol detox is the period of time that an individual goes through immediately following the abrupt quitting of drinking until the physical withdrawal symptoms are no longer present. Inpatient alcohol detox programs offer the most reliable, effective and invasive treatment for the physical withdrawal symptoms that an individual feels during alcohol detox. These programs are designed to help addicts overcome the discomforts of alcohol detox and maintain sobriety until there are no longer any physical symptoms of alcoholism present.

What Happens at Inpatient Alcohol Detox Programs?

Inpatient alcohol detox centers are faced with the challenge of trying to minimize or completely eliminate the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with alcohol detoxification so that the addict can safely transition from alcohol detox into an alcohol treatment center. Inpatient alcohol detox programs usually provide various medications and medical intervention for addicts during the alcohol detoxification period to assure that the patient is comfortable and safe during alcohol detox.

Inpatient alcohol detox centers provide the most effective detox options because they offer 24 hour nursing and support for the addict while they are going through the most difficult period of alcohol addiction treatment—alcohol detox. Most inpatient alcohol detox centers are offered in a treatment facility or hospital setting where direct access to medications and medical support are provided.

Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Detox Programs

Inpatient alcohol detox programs provide a range of benefits for the addict over an outpatient alcohol detox program. The most profound benefit of an inpatient alcohol detox program is the fact that these programs provide 24 hour care for the addict in an environment where they are safe and medication can be dispensed immediately should the withdrawal symptoms become severe. Inpatient alcohol detox programs have trained staff which includes nurses, physicians and addiction counselors who can work with the patient to effectively eliminate physical dependence on alcohol so that the patient can begin to seek treatment for the various psychological aspects of their addiction.

The staff at an inpatient alcohol detox program are trained to deal with many different physical withdrawal symptoms that an individual may suffer from during alcohol detox. The constant monitoring and support that is provided at an inpatient alcohol detox center assures the safety of the individual during the sometimes dangerous alcohol detox process.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Inpatient Alcohol Detox Program

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol, an inpatient alcohol detox program can provide you with a fresh start towards alcohol addiction recovery. When you make the decision to seek help at an alcohol detox center, you may want to consider the following:

  • Ask whether the detox center is located at an inpatient rehab center or inside a hospital. This assures the safety of the addict during the dangerous alcohol detoxification process.
  • Find out if the alcohol detox program is staffed with highly skilled medical staff that understand alcohol detox and alcohol addiction. This assures that you receive the highest quality of care.
  • Find out what medical services are offered at the alcohol detox center. Services may include medication administration, medical intervention and a range of medical services to treat other conditions that could arise during the alcohol detox.
  • Find out if the alcohol detox program provides transition assistance to help you go from the inpatient alcohol detox center to an inpatient alcohol treatment center where you can get help for the psychological aspect of alcohol addiction.