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Drug Detox Programs

Drug Detox Treatment Programs

Drug detox programs can offer you addiction recovery treatment. 

Are you considering drug addiction treatment or drug detox but aren’t sure what drug detox programs are available to you? We can help you to better understand the many different drug detox programs that are offered to help you completely overcome physical dependence on drugs so that you can begin to get help for the range of psychological aspects that affect you as a result of drug addiction. Whether you are interested in an inpatient drug detox program or an outpatient program, if you’re looking for holistic drug detox or rapid drug detox, you can find all the answers and information you need here at Alcohol Drug Detox .com.

Holistic Drug Detox Programs

Holistic drug detox programs take a whole person approach to detox which focuses on helping addicts to detox from drugs by providing support for them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Holistic treatment programs recognize that drug addiction is a condition that affects individuals physically and psychologically and therefore must be treated with a focused approach that does not only seek to help with the physical dependence but also to treat the entire system including mind, body and soul. Holistic drug detox programs are a relatively new concept but have become increasingly popular largely in part because they have been proven effective.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Drug Detox Programs

Inpatient drug detox programs provide 24 hour nursing care and medical monitoring in a facility where the addict will live during the detox process. These programs are proven effective and provide the most intense and invasive type of drug detox treatment. Unlike inpatient drug detox programs, outpatient drug detox programs are not able to provide around the clock monitoring and support which can leave much time for the addict to fend for themselves during the detox process. These programs are less effective and are only recommended for those who do no suffer from complex addictions or for those whose physical dependence on drugs is not real strong.

Rapid Drug Detox Programs

Rapid drug detox programs are typically reserved for those who are addicted to opiates such as heroin, morphine and certain prescription painkillers. These programs are either strongly advocated or strongly advocated against and since they are a relatively new form of drug detox program there is little information to support their effectiveness. Rapid drug detox programs claim to help an addict to fully overcome physical dependence on drugs within a time period of 72 hours or less during which time the addict does not feel any withdrawal symptoms because they are under anesthesia during the detox process. Rapid drug detox programs can provide a beneficial start to the drug addiction treatment process but like other drug detox programs, they should only be considered a first step and must be followed up with long term treatment for addiction in order to be effective.

Choosing Drug Detox Programs

Regardless of the type of drug detox program you choose the ultimate goal of all drug detox programs is to help addicts to overcome physical dependence on drugs so that they can seek long term treatment help. If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs and needs help choosing drug detox programs for their individual situation and condition, we can help. If you need help choosing between drug detox programs, assistance is just a phone call away. For more help call 1-888-461-2155 to speak with a detox specialist about the various drug detox programs that are available to you.